Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Christmas time...

Christmas time on the farm is the best time, hot summers day, filled with good food, drink and family fun. Unfortunately this year, I'm the one who's home in South Africa, while the rest of my immediate family are overseas. My parents are in London spending the first Christmas with my brother first born, Oliva. While my sister and her husband are near the Caribbean Island, St Maarten preparing the yacht for charter. But that's no problem, because the Melck's always have big families and so the farm house was still filled with laughter, food smells and warmth. As usual Grandad puts on his Father Christmas hat and hands out the gifts, while the table is set for the massive family lunch...
Time for presents
Time for food
After indulging into the rich Christmas feast I fell into, what can only be described as a Food Comma. I decided to lie outside and enjoy the view of the farm, a view I miss most when away from home...
Well, I relaxed and enjoyed this view until my brother, Justin and wife wife Georgina's, energetic dog, Olla, comes to play.

Merry Christmas to ALL!!!

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